“In this place, the rocks make me happy”
- roan at  giant’s causeway.

we echo his sentiment for all our time here in northern ireland.

familiar land and familiar faces greet us, easing us into the upcoming adventure of unknown places.  we sleep off red-eye jet lag and dream of the days ahead. we play with our wee niece luna, feast on aunt laura’s baked treats, traverse the bangor coastal path to pickie park, experience belfast heritage days, and grab a guinness with ross.

and we wander.

rugged coastlines. ancient castles. misty trails. we chase low-flying clunds through the mourne mountains, reveling in the poetry of moss, stone and green, half-expecting to find a leprachaun or pot of gold around each corner.

we traverse the dark hedges and embrace the freedom and fun of world schooling with art class in the gloaming hour at dunluce castle and impromptu weaponry lesson at Dundrum Castle.

in this place these moments make me happy.

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