Leaving CT

Leaving CT

getting sent out by our Vox Church community crew

So we said goodbye. lots of them. hugs and prayers and “we love you. you. you. you.” beautiful farewells punctuated days of to-do lists and luggage, last-minute shopping. and literally weighing the merits of sunscreen vs shampoo as we attempted to diet our too-hefty suitcases. traveling and its preparatory chaos is familiar territory, but this time was something different and wholly unexpected. amidst the bustle and prep, friends, family and neighbors came, bringing pizza and cupcakes,chopping avocados, cleaning our dishes and refrigerator, taking our boys on adventures, carrying luggage, returning overdue library books, making us meals, offering to sort our mail, check-in on our house, shovel our driveway. praying for our journey, driving us to the airport, bearing beautiful gifts, feeding our bodies and souls. our tired brains couldn’t take it all in at the time or adequately express the depths of our gratitude. so much help that we didn’t even know we needed, but god did. and we know we wouldn’t have gotten out the door on time and un- insane without the hands and hearts of those who loved us so well. thank you dear ones!!!

now we are in flight. suspended between the familiar and unknown. the nearness of quinnipiac, vox, cold spring, and a far away wrapped in so many prayers and possibilities. the full moon makes clouds into landscapes roan is eager to explore. we fly as fast as the time zones we traverse and he wants to stay up all the hours of this abbreviated night to watch us fly into the sunrise.
we fly on norwegian airline’s last flight out of stewart international airport in new windsor, new york. recent accidents involving boeing 747’s prompted closure of this direct and economical flight to dublin. their last is our first in a series of flights that we hope will take us around the world. but circumnavigation is not the goal, rather a different type of gladness.

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”
- Buechner

ian and i met working on the mercy ships, a hospital ship providing free surgeries and health care in west africa. we saw desperation, pain and hunger for help on a level we never could have imagined. it changed our hearts and trajectory. so here we are, so many years and seasons later, saying to god, “here we are, send us” and praying that, despite our propensities for comfort and coffee, he would use our hands to show others their beauty and belovedness and place in eternity.

tonight it begins. thank you for journeying with us.we love you very much!

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  • genevieve seguin
    Posted at 13:32h, 12 February Reply

    Just read your blog! Beautifully written! We are so glad we got to spend some time with you guys today! What a blessing to have met you! Safe travels! Hope to meet again!

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